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Vintage Christian Dior earrings 1980s


Original vintage earrings by Christian Dior from the 80s.

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Signature: Chr. Dior © GERMANY

Material: 18 K gold-plated metal (probably rhodium)

Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.2 cm

Condition: unworn


About The Story:

In 1955, as part of a policy of expansion, a contract was signed between Christian Dior and the Pforzheim-based jewellery manufacturer Henkel & Grosse, which produced extremely high-quality jewellery and at the same time had a widely ramified distribution system. The contract, designed to run for 50 years, included the exclusive production and distribution license for Dior jewelry. While in the early years the designs were still made in Paris, mostly in Francis Winter’s studio, from 1963 onwards the models were developed in the Studio Paris (Christian Dior Bijoux), which was jointly founded by Christian Dior and Henkel & Grosse. After a few years, model development was then carried out entirely in Pforzheim.

About The Story is not associated with Christian Dior. Christian Dior™ is a registered trademark of Christian Dior.

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